Multilane Free-Flow
Demand for maximum throughput and high efficiency tolling services on the highway is a categorical requirement for both existing and eme(...)
ATLAS - Advanced Traffic Management platform
      "Advanced Traffic Management and Information System " - Monosheet [Click for download] ATLAS offers a (...)
Automated Toll Booths
"Automatic Toll Booths" - Monosheet [Click for download] Brisa Innovation, together with its external innovation partners, devel(...)
Sensing the Road
A reliable, flexible, wireless, compact, Brisa Innovation's "Smart Road Sensors" uses sensitive magnetometer cells to detect and measure veh(...)
Toll Evasion Decreasing
A new solution was necessary to guarantee toll collection whenever a normal ETC transaction was not possible. Toll evasion is not only a di(...)
Automating Manual Tolls
Operation optimization has for long been a trend in order in Brisa. In 2007, following some field trials on controlled environments, Brisa'(...)
Via Verde in Troia's Ferries
Brisa Innovation developed and implemented, together with Via Verde Portugal, a new payment service in Atlantic Ferries, where customers can n(...)