Portuguese innovation on US toll system
The Southern Connector has signed a 5 year contract with BIT Mobility Solutions (BMS), a subsidiary of the Brisa Innovation with total value (...)
Brisa and Pathena sign an investment partnership agreement
Brisa and Pathena signed a partnership agreement in the provision of technology and services related to mobility. This agreement, which is mate(...)
Reduced costs in 47% in A21 thanks to EToll
The Cost-to-Collect is of extreme importance today. By automating certain tolling functionalities, operators get a direct and significant impact(...)
Automating Manual Tolls
Operation optimization has for long been a trend in order in Brisa. In 2007, following some field trials on controlled environments,(...)
Toll Evasion Decreasing
A new solution was necessary to guarantee toll collection whenever a normal ETC transaction was not possible. Toll evasion is not only a di(...)
Cashless System in the USA
At the beginning of 2008, Brisa Innovation was awarded a contract to supply a complete cashless solution to Northwest Parkway (NWP) in Denv(...)
LPR for Car Inspections
In Portugal, during 2012, the state determined that all car inspection centers should be equipped with integrated license plate recognition (...)