Portuguese innovation on US toll system
The Southern Connector has signed a 5 year contract with BIT Mobility Solutions (BMS), a subsidiary of the Brisa Innovation with total value (...)
Brisa and Pathena sign an investment partnership agreement
Brisa and Pathena signed a partnership agreement in the provision of technology and services related to mobility. This agreement, which is mate(...)
Reduced costs in 47% in A21 thanks to EToll
The Cost-to-Collect is of extreme importance today. By automating certain tolling functionalities, operators get a direct and significant impact(...)
Automating Manual Tolls
Operation optimization has for long been a trend in order in Brisa. In 2007, following some field trials on controlled environments,(...)
Toll Evasion Decreasing
A new solution was necessary to guarantee toll collection whenever a normal ETC transaction was not possible. Toll evasion is not only a di(...)
Cashless System in the USA
At the beginning of 2008, Brisa Innovation was awarded a contract to supply a complete cashless solution to Northwest Parkway (NWP) in Denv(...)
LPR for Car Inspections
Em Portugal a Portaria 221 de 2012 veio regulamentar a forma como os centros de inspecção (CITV) deverão a incluir leitura de matrículas (LP(...)